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How to Increase Google's Page Rank

Visit any internet marketing forum and you are bound to find at least a few discussions on Google page rank. But what exactly is Google Page Rank and what do you need to do to increase it?

First of all Page Rank is a value that Google assigns to a web page based on the importance of the page. It is determined by the number of incoming links to that web page and few other factors including the page rank of the page giving the link to you.

There has been discussion recently asked to the importance of page rank. However one thing to consider is this, if Google thinks page rank is important then page rank is important.

Remember Google gets over 65% of all the search traffic on the Internet every day. If you were to take 10 websites that were all optimized for the same keywords, typically you would find that the page with the highest page rank would rank higher in the search engine results than the other pages...

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It's Girl Scout Cookie Time      ARCHIVES
January 2014

Girl Scouts Cookie Program

Everyone knows how tasty Girl Scout Cookies are, but a lot of people who buy them don’t realize how important the Girl Scout Cookie Program really is. It’s the largest girl-led business in the country and generates nearly $800 million annually for girls nationally.  With the world’s current economic challenges, one thing is clear – financial literacy skills matter now more than ever.

When you buy Girl Scout cookies, you’re doing more than just giving money to a girl for a sweet treat. Selling cookies teaches her five essential skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics – aspects essential to leadership, to success, and to life. The Girl Scout Cookie Program empowers a girl with the skills and experiences that help her become a woman with courage, confidence and character to care for her family, create and grow businesses, give back to her community and make the world a better place.  From heads of households to heads of state, from troop leaders to world leaders, Girl Scouts touch every aspect of society.

Choose from our eight delicious Girl Scout cookie flavors during the Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida cookie sale which runs January 16 – February 17, 2014.  To find the cookie both closest to you visit our Cookie Locator site at .

You may also wish to offer your business as a location for a cookie booth, or perhaps you would like to support our military by participating in the Cookies from the Heart Program.  Please visit our website for more information on our cookie program or call us at 305.253.4841.




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