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The Tropical Beat of Charanga      ARCHIVES
February 2015

Ramiro Aguirre y su Charanga

Ramiro Aguirre is a talented singer and percussionist leading an All Star Group of musicians, revolutionizing the Tropical Music genre. Ramiro started his professional music career at the age of 14, winning numerous awards and recording more than 25 albums. Ramiro's father, Eduardo Aquirre, who leads the legendary Latin band "Charanga Tipica Tropical" has directed Ramiro to  surround himself with the essence of Cuban music. Charanga music along with Salsa is one of the islands most influential and danceable rhythms throughout history.

Today's Eclectic Generation X has a passion to explore and enjoy a wide variety of sounds. The audience composing of a Ramiro Aguirre y su Charanga attests that Tropical Music ascends and crosses over to a variety of ages. It is a common sight to see people of all ages enjoying the sounds of Charanga music during performances, no matter where the venue is located.

For booking information please call Jack R. Mesa at 786-308-8154 or via e-mail at




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Ramiro Aguirre y su Charanga

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